In The Memory Of My Dearest Grandmother

My grandma, a pure soul who was named Ponnu, for her heart was made of gold, is my second favourite bold woman in the world. She taught me how to love myself, to embrace my flaws, to follow my dreams, to focus on the rays of sunshine even on a cloudy day (I’m still working on that one) and most importantly, she proved with her life that every woman needs a secular job which she loves, in order to establish her identity.

She was my venting room, emotional moisturizer and cuddle bunny. And of course, my only golden ticket to the chocolate factory. She was the typical candy-bringing grandma who always had chocolates and pocket money hidden in her handbag for her grandkids.

I miss her voice,her ears that always listened to my teeny secrets and big plans,her tight hugs and tender kisses,umpteen gifts and little surprises, her phone calls and constant complaints for not calling her as much as she called me. I miss the lingering fragrance of her favourite perfumes and stealing them for myself. I wish I could secretly read her diary entries once again, like I used to do and confess later. I miss her story-telling sessions and the way in which she recited poems for me. I loved the grandma in her, who would never get tired even after hours of culinary effort to feed her loved ones. I wish I could listen to the unforgettable memories of her past, by lying next to her on the floral bedsheets, and sing songs for her, for the one last time.

I feel super proud and happy when people fondly remember her and all her acts of love and courage,even after five years of her unfortunate demise.I like to meet people who calls her a philanthropist and to hear from them the accounts of my Grandma’s compassion towards the humankind. Your absence will always be a gaping hole in my heart.

Once I believed that, in the long journey of life, we might lose things that are the most important to us. But I was wrong. The important things always stay, no matter what. I’m eagerly waiting to meet her again in the Paradise and finish the tales that we left unfinished. I’ve loved her to the infinity and beyond, and I always will.

Melanie Ann 🌼


50 thoughts on “In The Memory Of My Dearest Grandmother

  1. My grandmother taught me what “unconditional love” was in action, not in words. She was incredibly kind to everyone, never spoke negatively about anyone, and kept special treats hidden in her kitchen cupboards for whenever we came to visit. She truly loved me just as I was. We are lucky to have had women in our lives like that!

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  2. You are blessed to have memories of a grandmother, all my grandparents had died by the time I was just born. You have surely given me a a beautiful picture of what I missed out on. Thank you, so wonderful.

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