Watercolor Story🎨

Finally, I painted it!

The watercolour cakes on the corner of my table idly sat there for months, waiting for the tiny drops of water to fall from their clouds, shaped like paintbrushes. They waited so much so that the drought in their colourful land became unbearable for each one of them. They stared at the palette, who was blissfully sleeping on top of ‘The Alchemist’ and wondered whether he was happy without colours on his body.

Yesterday, I placed the paintbrushes next to the watercolour cakes and left the room to sip my cup of tea. As I latched the door, my watercolour cakes nudged the paintbrushes and whispered, “She’s not interested in us anymore. Or else, why on earth would she keep on ignoring us like this?” The paintbrushes frowned upon this remark and nodded their heads in disbelief. They said, “Don’t say that, maybe she’s painting her dreams inside her head.”

The palette woke up from his dreamless slumber and uttered “Heed the words of the paintbrushes. If colour is the beautiful language of the dreams that she’s painting inside her head, watercolours, do not fret, for she will come to you soon.” Words failed to console the poor watercolour cakes, and in dismay they sat, staring at the quote on my wall which read, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” and imagined how dusty my life is, without them.

The charcoal pencil, who listened to their conversation smirked. He announced, “Well, she sharpened me little before.” The watercolour cakes, the paintbrushes and the palette couldn’t believe what they just heard. True, I sharpened him, because I wanted to draw. I stood behind the door, eavesdropping. I loved how my paintbrushes and palette read my thoughts and fought for me. But it was the intense pain and suspicions of the watercolour cakes, that triggered my desire to paint.

19 thoughts on “Watercolor Story🎨

  1. I had sudden images of THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE, of paint brushes, color cakes and pallets dancing on their own–but was not to be! Still having their own voices relayed by an eavesdropping artist is in its way imaginative and special! My last watercolor painting was to highlight a portrait I drew for a college girl. Neither the pencil nor the colors took the time to discuss the matter!

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    1. I was dealing with art block all this while, glad that I could draw something after a long time.I’m so happy that you enjoyed reading it😍😍 and thanks a ton for this lovely and meaningful comment❤️❤️ this made my day!! ❤️

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