Acid on her Heart

Her Professor called her the Nefelibata of Psychology Department, a cloud walker who happily lived in the dreamy clouds of her imagination. Nanki flew through the corridors of her ancient college, with books on her back and a paint brush in her hand, for she coloured the world around her in the wild shades of her heart.You can find her among the dusty shelves of the library, or under the cherry tree reading a bulky book and drowning in her thoughts, or feeding the emaciated stray dogs and petting them,or painting the bare walls of her second home with the beautiful melanges which formed in her palette.

On a cosy evening, when rest of the students were packing their bags in a hurry after the long bell, Nanki stared at the grey sky through the windows. She pressed her head against the table and waited for the clouds to wail.With a gleeful heart she stepped out, opened her umbrella, accompanied her classmate, a pluviophile and they started walking amidst the falling raindrops.

“I feel so much better now, Nanki. I think I did the right thing.”Alia said proudly. True, ending that toxic relationship was the right thing to do.

“Enjoy the rain now, I know how much you adore these tiny drops from the sky.” Nanki replied. Alia gave out her happiest smile, lifted her umbrella and took a twirl to mark her new found freedom.

They approached the gigantic gate, bid goodbye to the security and continued to walk, not knowing that the jilted lover was waiting on their way for Alia. When he caught sight of her,he carefully opened the jar which was hidden inside his bag and splashed the venom of his anguish onto her face. His eyes that sought for vengeance saw a poor soul on the ground, with a burned face, screaming for her life and his enemy, helplessly crying beside her friend. He realized that he blindly attacked the wrong girl on that wretched twilight.

Nanki’s heart pounded, as the acid penetrated through her youthful skin. A familiar voice uttered “Nanki,wake up.I have to clean this classroom before it’s getting too late.” She opened her eyes and saw an old woman with a broom in her hand. Was that a bad dream? She touched her face with both her hands, while taking heavy breaths and hysterically glanced at her watch.

“Are you alright child?” she asked her. Maybe she dozed off, waiting for the rain. Maybe it was a bad dream. The old woman gave her a sympathetic glare. She collected her belongings from the desk and packed her bag. The words written on the black board caught her eyes, “Trauma refers to the state of mind which results from an injury upon the soul.” Walking through the corridors, she gently touched her face to feel the burns. The burns had healed with time. But the acid that fell on her heart, it existed loudly and dangerously.

“The world should know my story” she told herself while staring at the rain drops mixed with blue ink that dripped slowly from the fountain pen she held in her hand. Probably a sign that it was time for her to bleed on the papers, fearlessly and beautifully. Wasn’t it?

Melanie Ann🌻

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29 thoughts on “Acid on her Heart

  1. Absolutely beautiful! The depiction of the sufferings and anxities of the traumatized and the metaphor of the bleeding pen in the end are just perfect.

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  2. Wow! What an achingly beautiful portrayal of trauma and it’s effects on the soul. The significance of the title, twist in the tale which intensifies the pain of the readers,well chosen metaphors and a perfect ending!

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  3. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
    It was like watching a short film. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I felt the 💔

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      1. Yes,my dear!! I have read your post and remembered many acid attack on girls in India.felt so sad.the reasons were that as you described.


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