Let it Grow

If it thrives in your heart

And blooms with your blood,

Let it grow.

But if it breaks other hearts

And glooms their days,

Should you let it go?

She scribbled these words on her gloomy notebook a few years ago. She calls it gloomy because it’s a handmade book of recycled papers; those papers look dreadfully dull, as if it’s still depressed for being a part of a painful recycling process that happened long ago. She wrote this on a day she was utterly disoriented; a day she was supposed to make a life altering decision. As she was tidying her book shelf, her eyes unknowingly searched the remnants of a memorable past,and she came across this unfinished poem.

“We blame Hamlet for his indecisiveness, but don’t we all go through the ‘to be or not to be’ dilemma at some point of time in our lives?” she thought. When she proclaimed to the world about her inborn inclination to hunt for the treasures in Literature, what she received in return were disdainful looks,outbursts of temper and unsolicited advices; some told her that “literature is useless and uninteresting,” others told her that “literature is for the maniacs” and several others nudged her to “bury her passion.” For the first time, the 18 year old girl felt burdened with the freedom of choice.A handful of people praised her in unimaginable ways and reminded her to follow her heart. But the disparaging words discouraged her, the sharpened tongues gave her brutal cuts. Bewildered, she bled on the paper and a poem was born.In a glimpse of time, she became adamant in what she believed was the best for her soul.Yes,she had to let her passion grow.Time flew, every nook and cranny of her heart filled with books and words flourished on her soul; in all these years, never did she once regret the commitment she made. In her fanciful reality, she’s falling in love with words, in new and incredible ways each day. How ridiculous it would have been, if she abandoned her passion for the sake of a bunch of humans, who cannot appreciate the beauty and grandeur of literature?

“I’m not asking you to turn a blind eye at the damage that some people cause,by following their treacherous hearts. I’m not saying that we should blithely disregard the pain of others,if we wreak havoc on their lives to selfishly follow our passions.I’m not asking you to turn a deaf ear to the advices we receive from others.No,I’m not saying that following the heart is always the right thing to do,” she stared at the wall and told herself.

But if it thrives in your heart,and blooms with your blood, should you let it grow or let it go? She looked at her gloomy notebook once again and left the poem unfinished. For,she believes that each one of you should finish it.

Melanie Ann ๐ŸŒผ

Image courtesy: Pinterest

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