Does Liquid Happiness Exist?

Every tongue in the world deserves a toothsome celebration each day. Is that the reason why it was born on the earth? My tongue’s gala seems the most festive when it is soaked with the delicious liquid magic – the hot, dark brown, masala-tinged, tempting aroma spreading TEA.

Each time I deeply inhale the mysterious odor of tea and exhale euphoria,my spectacles mist up. Yes, tea obscures my vision delibrately to make me feel it’s presence impeccably. As I curl my tongue against the tea drops on my lips, the world around me comes to a sudden screeching halt. In a glimpse of time, I’m cut off from what I perceived was real, to enter an alternative dreamy world of pure liquid happiness and warmth. At this point, tea becomes my only reality and tea cup,the sacred place that contains this actuality. Each time it slides down my throat, like the topsoil in a landslide, I shut my eyes, not perfunctorily, but with awe and gratefulness for the existence of this enigmatic liquid that has captivated my tastebuds in all the years.

As the monsoon season arrives,tea becomes elixir. Rainy days without big fat cups filled with tea is unimaginable. Reading books became harder without holding a cup of tea. My love for tea does not cease to exist even during the scorching summers; no matter how hot the world around me is,tea continues to be an enveloping obsession amdist every other passing fads.

Being a teaholic, I marvel at the different beautiful ways in which tea rejuvenates and restores me every single day. Tea surprised me on the first day it was spilled into the corners of my mouth and I hope that it continues this splendorous recreation for my tastebuds, until my last day on this planet.

Melanie Ann ๐ŸŒผ


68 thoughts on “Does Liquid Happiness Exist?

  1. Very well-written post. From the title, I was concerned that it might be about the confessions of an alcoholic. Nothing wrong with that. Iโ€™ve read blogs written by alcoholics and they are moving. But this post surprised me. Itโ€™s about Tea, of all things, and all of its multi-dimensional aspects that you enjoy. Interesting.

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  2. We are kindred spirits, Melanie Ann! I am also a tea-holic, but my preference is for iced tea, heavily sweetened. As a native of the U.S. state of Texas, iced tea bears some divine reverence. In this part of my country, we donโ€™t often experience a traditional change of seasons (whatever thatโ€™s supposed to mean). We endure monsoon-type periods, interspersed with torrid heat. Hence, the love for cool beverages. But I also enjoy green tea and cinnamon tea for sore throats and/or congestion. While either may boast medicinal purposes, I am fully aware of their overall health benefits.

    Regardless, we tea aficionados will always relish in our gastronomical desires and have no qualms about it!

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    1. Happy to hear from a teaholic ๐Ÿ™‚Thanks for taking an effort to read my post. I’ve tried heavily sweetened iced tea once, it’s yummy without any doubt.And I love hot masala teaโค๏ธ I enjoyed reading your comment!


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